Frequently Asked Questions



1. How can I make a purchase?
Shopping at BULWARKE.com is easy:
Login to BULWARKE.com.

To add the car accessories in your cart, click on “Add to Cart” for the item you wish to purchase.
To change the quantity of the item, change the number in the box under the “Quantity” column.
To review the items in your cart, click on the ‘Cart’ link, located at the top right of the page.
If you have an applicable ‘Promo Code’, enter it and click on ‘Apply’. The total price will be updated with the discount.
Review your order at the Cart Page. Once you are ready to place the order, click on ‘Secure Checkout’.
Fill in all necessary details for your shipping details (NO PO BOX), click on ‘Proceed to Purchase’ to choose your preferred payment method.
Please review your orders again and total amount before completing the payment.
You will receive a confirmation email shortly after you have placed your order. Your order is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email.

2. How long does it take to confirm my order?
Orders are confirmed once payment has been completed.
Please check your email for the Order Confirmation.

3. Why does my Order Status show “payment pending”? Should I re-create a new order?
Most payments are processed immediately. Once the order has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation email with delivery details. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us at http://www.BULWARKE.com/ and do not re-create your order to prevent duplication.

4. Can I amend my order after it has been confirmed and paid for?
We know how exciting it is to receive orders on time, therefore we are unable to amend any orders as we process orders immediately when payment is confirmed. Any amendments may cause a delay in the delivery of your order.

5. May I buy the car accessories directly at your warehouse?
All purchases through BULWARKE.com will need to be made online.

6. Can I purchase items in bulk and can I get more discounts?
Given the popularity of our car accessories, there may be a limited number available for purchase. If you wish to purchase in bulk. Please feel free to email us or contact us @ +65 9670 7058.

7. Can I cancel my order?
Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel orders once it is paid. We receive a lot of orders and we are unable to go through them individually as this will cause delays to all other orders. Please review your items before completing your orders. Only items showing in your Order Confirmation will be shipped unless the items are Out of Stock.

8. I am having issues using the coupon/voucher code
Please check if :
The coupon/voucher code has expired.
Coupon/Voucher is for one-time use only.
Each order can only use 1 coupon/voucher.
The coupon/voucher may not be valid for Non-Discountable or brands excluded from a sale (see list Non-Sale Brands).
You have to use a non-participating Credit Card for the coupon discount.
Rewards Redemption and discounts cannot be used at the same time during Flash Sale.

9. Can I order through a phone?
Of course! While we love speaking with our customers, but we encourage placing your orders online so the order will reach you promptly. If you prefer to speak with us, please WhatsApp us @ +65 9670 7058 or email us: friends@bulwarke.com.

10. What do I do when items in my cart are Out of Stock?
We know how annoying it is when your favorite car accessories are out of stock. In the event that your item is unavailable, please click the ”Remove Me” tab located under the specific item. This will not affect the rest of the items in your cart. In order to know when the product is back in stock, we suggest clicking “Waitlist Me” located on the specific product page. You will then receive an automated email as soon as the item is available.

11. I am facing problems ordering through my mobile device.
BULWARKE.com is compatible with most mobile devices and browsers. We suggest restarting the browser and clearing the cache before logging onto www.BULWARKE.com. If you continue to face problems, please send a screenshot of the error to friends@BULWARKE.com and we will assist you.

12. What do I do if I receive a faulty item or have a problem with an item ordered?
Please email us immediately at friends@bulwarke.com with your order number, details and an image of the faulty items received. Please do not discard the items as we will need it to be collected back.

13. Bulwarke will not be held responsible for any accidents occurred whilst any product installed in the vehicle/car.